Frequently Asked Questions

I am here to answer all your questions, anytime. If there is a topic not addressed below, feel free to send a message using my contact form. 


1. What can I expect from our initial free consultation?

Initial consultations usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. They are like a “blind date” and a great chance to see if our relationship will be a good “fit” for both sides. The initial consultation gives you a chance to ask questions of me – so come prepared – I give great tips during this meeting! This first meeting also allows me to get an idea of the services you are looking for. The best thing about this meeting is that it is FREE!

2. What do your services cost?

I have tried to set out some services “packages” on my Fees Page. It’s a good place to help you put in words what you are looking for. My fees are custom quoted based on our initial meeting and my understanding of your needs. I normally quote a fixed-fee for the annual “package” of services. I try to keep fees constant for at least three years provided there is not a large fluctuation in services / time required on your file. After that, I adjust slightly for inflation.

3. Where are you located?

I am located in Vaughan, Ontario which is the first suburb north of central Toronto. I don’t like to advertise my address too much because sometimes potential clients are scared away by the proximity of my location to theirs. Note that I am a big believer in remote communication – through telephone or email and am happy to have phone meetings and to accept your files by email or by courier. I find that in this age of technology, we all save valuable time by handling our affairs as such. As much as I love meeting new clients and seeing clients once a year, I am just as accessible remotely and happy to save us all valuable time. Therefore, please do not let my office location stop you from meeting a great accountant!

4. What is your most important piece of advice to both corporate and personal clients?

My most important piece of advice is to make sure that all your returns are filed on time. It is my belief that late filing returns is the biggest cause of audit. Other causes include large fluctuations in expenses and above-average expense deduction for the industry you are in.

5. Are you taking on new clients?

Yes of course! I welcome new business and am happy to take you on following our initial consultation.

6. I’m looking for some useful tax tips, can you provide some?

Yes! I have a whole section devoted to useful tips for both businesses and individuals. Take a look under RESOURCES on the left-hand side.