Here is a list of the things that I do. (If it’s not here, I most likely don’t do it.)

Financial Statement Preparation

  • Notice to Reader. (That’s accountant-speak for financial statements every active business in Ontario must prepare and file with their corporate tax returns.) The “Notice to Reader” part is a report attached to the statements by the accountant.
  • If bookkeeping is needed, I can provide help with that too.

Review Engagement Reports

  • Sometimes if a company has a large loan outstanding with the bank, one of the covenants is that the company’s financial statements are reviewed by a Chartered Accountant.  Certain professional governing bodies require that their members provide annual statements that have been reviewed by a Chartered Accountant. There is a lot more work involved in issuing these reports.  I must follow rules that I am not bound by in simple Notice to Reader statements (i.e, generally accepted accounting principles), as well as do various procedures in order to get comfortable with your numbers.

Corporate Tax Return Preparation and Planning

  • Along with your financial statements, I will prepare the necessary corporate tax returns and filings needed (both Federal and Provincial)
  • I will plan your corporate taxes to get what you owe down to a minimum but remain within legal limits of course.

Personal Tax Return Preparation and Planning

  • I will prepare your and your family’s personal tax returns, and I will prepare them on time.
  • I will plan to make sure you are paying the minimum necessary tax by taking all available credits and deductions.

Financial Forecasts and Projections

  • Banks sometimes look for these along with business plans when determining your eligibility for a loan. I can help you prepare a business plan and deal with your financial institution.

General Business Consulting

  • I can help you make smart business decisions such as whether to incorporate or not, how to make sure your interest is deductible, benefits and drawbacks of payroll employees versus subcontractors for your business, and more.
  • I can even do the business registration or incorporation for you.

Bookkeeping (Computerized and Cloud-Based)

Every successful business needs accurate record keeping to know where they are coming from and see where they are headed.
  • It also ensures all information is readily available in case of an audit by the tax department.
  • Do it yourself or leave it to me! It’s your choice!
  • If you want to learn how to do it yourself, I will recommend appropriate computer software to use and help you set up your accounts.

Payroll Services including annual T4 return , T5 return and all other information return  preparations.

Remember, the deadline is the last day in February the following year!

GST /HST, EHT, and WSIB filings

  • With all these acronyms, you NEED some professional advice!

Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency

  • Should the need arise, I will assist you in dealing with Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements, including telephone discussions with them and accompanying you to any interviews or meetings you may be unlucky enough to have.

For more complicated tax planning, estate planning and valuations, I use specialists.   Listen, no one can be an expert at everything!